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  • Paper Salad -  Age 1 Blue Ribbon Paper Salad - Age 1 Blue Ribbon £2.75
  • Paper Salad -  Age 1 Pink Ribbon Paper Salad - Age 1 Pink Ribbon £2.75
  • Paper Salad -  Age 5 Navy Ballon Paper Salad - Age 5 Navy Ballon £2.75

Milestone Age Birthday Cards

Ah the birthday age card. As a kid there was nothing more exciting then getting a card with your age on it. Remember how exciting it was to opened your birthday cards and saw your new number emblazoned across them? 

At Postmark Online, London’s leading independent greeting card retailer, we’re got a huge selection of age cards from 1-100 all from the UK's leading, quality greeting card brands, and all at a great price.

Age Birthday Cards for Kids 0-10 

For the little ones aged 1-10 our kids birthday age cards have loads of fun, bright colours and big numbers. Just how they like it.

Some of our top selling kids age birthday cards include Rachel Ellen, Papersalad and Think of Me.

Getting an age birthday at any age when you’re a kid is so exciting but oh how big you felt when you finally hit double numbers, the big 1-0 so we also carry a great range of age birthday cards for kids over 10.

Age Birthday Cards 10 -17 


Our age birthday cards from 11-17 are targeted specifically at this tricky age group with lots of fun cards that will appeal to their maturing outlook on life.

In this age bracket 13 is obviously the ‘big’ number. Becoming a real life teenager is a fantastic day for all kids and for many they want to celebrate this in style. You can supercharge their birthday fun with a great 13th birthday card. Why not go for a Shakies 13th birthday card from James Ellis, one of our most popular cards in this age bracket?

 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th Birthday cards and beyond 

18 is a huge moment in everyone’s life. It’s that moment between childhood and adulthood and should be celebrated loud and clear. At Postmark Online we’ve got lots of great 18th birthday age cards to choose from.  Our Nutty Neon range from Pigment and Happy Jackson are some of our most popular cards in this age bracket.

After 18, there are still lots of ages to hit with that great birthday age card. Whether it’s a 30th birthday, 40th birthday or beyond.

As the birthday boy or girl gets older the cards get more stylish but there is still plenty of scope for some humour age birthday cards to tickle their fancy.

At Postmark Online we sell age birthday cards all the way to 100. So whatever age you’re looking for an age birthday card for come and check out our range, we’re sure to have something that will suit.

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