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    Posted by postmark on 02/04/19

    What can you recommend?

    With so many customers popping in and out of our shops we often get asked to recommend cards, particularly best selling cards so we thought we'd put some recommendations for you of our bestselling occasion and birthday cards to help you make the best choice for your special occasion.

    Best selling birthday cards

    We sell more birthday cards than anything else (naturally...) so what better place to start than with our most popular birthday cards for him & her.

    Alice Scott - Old Age, coming for us all but today mainly you!











    Our bestselling birthday card for adults is this fantastic card from Alice Scott, published by Pigment Productions £2.95

    Rifle Paper - Birthday Girl - illustration of girl wearing big glasses with head scarf. Vintage cool feel











    Our second bestselling adult birthday card is 'Birthday Girl' from Rifle Paper. £3.50


    Funny tongue in cheek birthday card from Pigment productions. Featuring a buff man holing a dog - Caption I bought you this card because I know you like dogs











    Third on the list is this tongue-in-cheek number from Pigment Productions Nutty Neon range £2.50


    Alice Scott birthday card - Reads we are strong women raising strong children which is why we need strong drinks











    Our fourth bestselling birthday card for him and her is another great card from Alice Scott, published by Pigment Productions £2.95


    Alice Scott - Venn Diagram - birthday card











    Fifth on the list is another classic from Alice Scott, published by Pigment Productions £2.95


    Rifle Paper - Mariachi Birthda - Felix Cumpleanos










    This gorgeous card from Rifle Paper comes in 6th on our list of most popular birthday cards for him and her.  Superb quality and with a cool vintage vibe, this is a great birthday card £3.50


    The Art File - Birthday King











    One of our newest ranges, this great card from The Art File is a great birthday card for men. £2.50


    Pigment - yes you the old one











    One of my favourite birthday cards for both men and women from Pigment Productions Nutty Neon range, this one is cheeky and good fun to send those with, ahem, a few years on them! £2.50


    The Happy News - Birthday Vibes











    Send them good vibes on their birthday with our ninth most popular birthday card from The Happy News, published by Pigment Productions, £2.50


    Pinata pin badge card - Well Old











    Last, but by no means least, on this round up of our top ten bestselling birthday cards for him and her is this fab pin badge card from Redback cards Pinata range. A present and a card in one for that special (old!) person in your life. £4.00


    Hope this helps!


    Till next time

    Mrs PM

  • Mother's Day cards - our top picks

    Posted by postmark on 11/03/19

    Mother's Day 

    Sunday March 31st marks that special time of the year when we can celebrate our lovely Mum's on Mother's Day.

    A very British tradition this was the day when who those who had gone off to work as domestic servants were allowed to go home and visit their 'Mother' church with their family and friends - hence how it became known originally as 'Mothering Sunday' and then later as Mother's Day. Often this was the only day of the year when all the family could get together so it was a very special weekend.

    Falling on the fourth Sunday in Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter the date of Mother's Day in the UK is always changing.

    Today we mainly mark the day by giving cards and gifts we to our Mum's and if they're lucky a cup of tea and breakfast in bed (just saying Mr PM!)

    At Postmark we've got some lovely Mother's Day cards in stock both instore and online for you to choose from.

    Here's a look at my favourites.


    Noi - Mother's Day Bouquet - £2.50


    Mother's Day cards for single Mum's are hard to come by but we love this one from Dandelion Stationery it says - Lots of women could make a great Mum, but it takes one hell of a woman to be Dad too. Mother's Day cards for single Mum's are hard to come by but we love this one from Dandelion Stationery it says - Lots of women could make a great Mum, but it takes one hell of a woman to be Dad too.













    Traditional Mothering Sunday card from Paper Salad Traditional Mothering Sunday card from Paper Salad










    Rosie Made a Thing - Illustrated Mother's Day card - woman jumping over pole - Mum you're the brilliantest Rosie Made a Think - Brilliantest Mum - £2.50










    Think of Me - No Other Like My Mother Think of Me - No Other Like My Mother










    Louise Mulgrew - Mother's Day Butterflies - £2.50 Louise Mulgrew - Mother's Day Butterflies - £2.50











    Finding a Mother's Day card for your Step Mum can be tricky. Which is why we love this card from Dandelion Stationery. It reads - To My Wonderful Step Mum, being a fabulous parent requires patience, kindness and a whole lot of love. It does not require DNA.' Finding a Mother's Day card for your Step Mum can be tricky. Which is why we love this card from Dandelion Stationery. It reads - To My Wonderful Step Mum, being a fabulous parent requires patience, kindness and a whole lot of love. It does not require DNA.'



















  • Happy Birthday George!

    Posted by postmark on 26/02/19

    Hi everyone!

    Hope you're enjoying the amazing early Spring weather - we are!

    I'm a bit of a Beatles fan so I yesterday I was thinking about all their great music as it was George Harrison's birthday (Feb 25th).

    For four young lads from Liverpool they really did change the world of music and fashion and they continue to do so today.

    This great card from Will McPhail's A Colourful Mind collection published by Paperlink is really popular and couldn't be more apt as we remember George and the legacy of The Beatles.

    Happy Birthday George Harrison

    Love me do!

    Mrs Postmark

  • Grab a bargain - new sale section now live!

    Posted by postmark on 13/02/19

    Hi everyone!

    Now on sale, half price Cath Tate birthday bash One of our new sale cards

    Hope you've survived the start of the year?mt123-retail-1505836514

    In between trade shows I've also made a few changes to the website adding a new 'Bestsellers'  and 'Sale' section. The bestsellers section should make it easier for anyone in a rush to shop what's hot at Postmark and hopefully pick up a great card that will fit the bill.

    That said I finally persuaded myself when I remembered how much I love picking up a bargain and the thought of how happy getting these lovely cards at a great price will make our customers.

    At the moment there's a mix of Art cards and some birthday cards but keep an eye out new lines will be added soon including lots more birthday and some occasions. So if you're looking to fill up that card drawer this could be the perfect time to do so!

    RTE1907_Web-1494326085 (1)Happy shopping

    Mrs PM



  • Staff Picks!! Graham's Top 5!!

    Posted by postmark on 05/02/19

    At Postmark we LOVE cards and so do our staff.  So we thought we would ask our newest manager Graham of East Dulwich his top favourites!

    astronautStripey Cats - Arlo Astronaut  Elizabeth Tower

    I really love the diverse children’s range When I Grow Up from Stripey Cat, how great does Arlo look with his wobbly eyes and cool space helmet!

    I Drew This - Elizabeth Tower

    It’s nice to see such vibrant colours on this illustration by Ilona Drew from her London Landmarks range. I was surprised to learn that the Clock Tower was renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012 although a lot of us will always refer to it by it’s well known nickname Big Ben!

    back upLiz Climo for Redback - Backup 

    There are good days and bad days but Simpsons animator Liz Climo knows the best way to turn a day around is Pizza, with this card I am all sure we can relate to every once in a while.

    Meraki - Sloth 

    This fab card made in England by Meraki from their Just Peachy range perfectly sums up what you should aim for on a hot summers eve in my opinion. sloth

    IngnoranceKiss Me Kwik - Ignorance 

    Simple and effective, I have no idea why this card resonates so much with me but who cares, it’s great!

    Thank you Graham for your super cool choices.  All these fantastic cards and much much more are available to buy in store at any of our London branches, Balham, Chiswick, East Dulwich and Greenwich or online.

    GrahamUntil next time Mrs PM

  • Let there be love! The history of Valentine's Day

    Posted by postmark on 24/01/19

    The New Year is well underway and we're looking forward to the arrival of the Spring season's starting with the loveeeeely Valentine's Day.

    Noi Valentine's CardNow Valentine's Day comes in for a fair bit of criticism as an overly commercial day, which perhaps is not unfair in some parts, but what most people might not realise is that the day has a rich history stretching back as far as the Roman Empire.

    Back then the February 14th was part of a longer three day fertility festival during which the men would sacrifice sheep and use the skins to whip women believing that this would increase fertility! Think I'd rather stick to the card and flowers please.

    When Christianity began to flourish in the area they decided to make February 14th a Saint's day in an attempt to reclaim the festival for Christianity, something they did across the pagan calendar.  Although unproven it's been claimed the saint this day is named after - Valentine - was imprisoned for helping other prisoners. While Louise Mulgrew Valentine's cardincarcerated he fell in love with his jailors daughter and sent her a note signing off - 'from your Valentine'. While it's highly unlikely that this ever happened it has inspired a sense of romance around this date.

    It wasn't until the 15th century that Valentine's began to take off as a major celebration of love.  First at the French court where a lavish three day banquet would be held. This tradition seems to have spread to the UK as the British Library holds the oldest known Valentine's card sent by one Margery Brews to her fiancé John Paston. In this letter Margery describes John as her “right well-beloved Valentine”.

    Sending cards to mark this Saint's day really took off in the 18th century. These were mainly handmade efforts decorated with love knots and verses and slipped secretly Stop the Clock - Valentine's Ballonunder someone's door. The arrival of the industrial revolution in the 19th century changed all this and allowed Valentine's cards to be made on an industrial scale. For Victorians the more eleborate the card, and the more you were seen to have spent on it, meant the stronger you love for your Valentine.

    Jonathan King was a card manufacturer during this time and collected an impressive 1,700 Valentine's cards which are now housed Museum of London. The modernisation of the British postal system meant it was now affordable for most people to send a card through the post leading to a huge increase in Valentine's Day cards being sent. In 1820 an estimated 200,000 were sent in London alone.

    Around this time 'Vinegar Valentine's' also became popular. These insulting Valentine's cards would be sent to amuse and were often sent by men to their friends.

    Funny Valentine's CardAs more people began to travel and emigrate the Valentine's card made it's way to America where it became hugely popular. This then lead to the real commercialisation of Valentine's Day that we know today which includes not only sending cards but flowers, chocolates and the giving of gifts.

    At Postmark we're just sticking with the old fashioned Valentine's card and this year we've got a great selection including some great funny Valentine's cards.

    You can check them out here

    See you soon

    Mrs PM



  • New Year - new cards at Postmark!

    Posted by postmark on 14/01/19

    Hello 2019!

    Hard to believe that two weeks of 2019 have passed us by already!

    We had a super busy Christmas here at Postmark and as much as I love the festive season it's always so great to get to January and see all the fresh, new card ranges hitting the shelves.

    This year is no exception.

    New Hulabaloo greeting card range from The Art File . Humourous cards for birthdays.Art File have surpassed themselves with a whole host of new ranges hitting the shelves this January. First up is Hulababoo.  Great puns and stylish designs they're great for everyone's birthday.

    Next up is 'Squeeze the Day' with it's fun, food based humour. Who says you can't play with your food! Again these are great birthday cards with some really good funny birthday cards for women.



    SZ03_resultMoving away from birthday cards they've also published a beautiful new range of art cards from Parisian designer, Michael Callioux, who has worked with some of the leading fashion houses. Each card is individually die stamped using vibrant neon inks onto a soft, tactile cotton mixed board and is finished with detailed debossed lines. Simply stunning.

    Paperlink have also got a fab new range of birthday cards for men out. This is a notoriously tricky side of the card market but the last few years we've seen a real growth in terms of quality and design in men's birthday cards. The new 'Axel' range with it's muted bold colours and a die cut finish makes these card stylish yet subtle. A real winner!


    That's it for now but look out for more great new designs coming soon!

    Mrs P


  • Introducing....Emily Coxhead, creator of The Happy News

    Posted by postmark on 13/09/18


    At Postmark we are incredibly lucky to work with talented designers and illustrators in the card industry. We often get asked by our customers how these people got started in this industry, so we thought it would be a great idea to try and find out how these talented people started.

    This month we have asked the exceptionally talented Emily Coxhead creator of The Happy News a few questions. Emily's cards are are bright and sparkly, sprinkling tiny pieces of happiness all over the planet.

    In the world’s tiniest, most rainbow-filled office, in a little village in Lancashire

    When you design a card, do you plan it out or is the process spontaneous?

    A bit of both really, there’s always a plan in terms of which occasions/relations I’m working on and then I usually think up the words first and often talk through these with my card publisher, Pigment and then the fun bit is doing the artwork which I sometimes sketch as rough thumbnails first and then illustrate/design each individually. Sometimes I will just have an idea or an illustration/sentiment that I’ll sketch which ends up being a successful card so it’s a good mix of both.

    What is your favourite card/range and why?

    Is this mine or somebody else’s? If mine…
    I’m loving the brand new range of open birthday cards I have recently designed, it’s a fresh new look and colour palette that fits very well with my products launching in Spring.GF71_BIRTHDAY_FIZZ1478094923.jpg
    If somebody else’s…
    Rosie Who Made A Thing (birthday card below by Rosie), I love her stuff so much it really tickles me and after meeting her at a few tradeshows I have the pleasure of calling her a pal (I think?! We haven’t really confirmed that so this might sound strange to her).

    Have you always worked in the card industry? If yes, what did you do before setting out on your own? If no, what were you doing before?

    I have always made my own cards, literally as soon as I could stick beads and glitter on card I was making them for anybody who would accept them. When I was at JN802AManchester School of Art, I set up an Etsy page which I used for several years to sell my cards and happy products. I graduated in 2014 and in 2015 I was approached by Martin Powderly at Pigment who wanted to help produce my cards on a larger scale, they saw something in my words and style before anybody else did really and they have been amazing in more ways that I could’ve imagined in terms of opening more doors for me and my brand …and the rest is history, as they say.What was your motivation to go into business?

    What was the biggest hurdle you had to jump to set up your business?

    Having zero money. As anybody knows, these days graduating from university doesn’t leave you in the best place financially, I had worked part-time at Topshop the whole time I was at university, so I could buy food, basically. I knew that if things didn’t work out after uni I’d have to get a part-time job which I was fine with but I didn’t get to that point, I lived off as little as I could, still living at home, not socialising very much and definitely not going on any holidays and slowly but surely things started working out, one small freelance job and card sale at a time. A lot of people who work for themselves or ‘go freelance’ have had a stable job and income before so it can be very difficult to step away from, I didn’t have that – I decided to do it straight JN805Aout of uni so I had nothing to lose really.SPARKLE

    Describe your business in less than 50 words

    JN805AThe Happy News aims to sprinkle a tiny bit of happiness all over the planet, it's a platform to share positive news and wonderful people as well as making people smile through the cards and gift/products they receive. We basically want to make you smile!

    When it comes to business what would you say is your biggest weakness and your greatest strength?

    My biggest weakness is absolutely, definitely delegating… I’m terrible at it and I know I need to get better at it as quick as possible. My theory is, if I can do the job, even if it takes me until 5am, I will do it, which doesn’t always need to be the case. I’m starting to realise there are amazing people who have their own amazing thing going on, stuff they are passionate about which can help different sections of my own business… whether that be my virtual assistant, my accountant or web developer… I got myself in to such a pickle trying to do all of these things when there are actually people who can do it ten times better and faster than you. My greatest strength.. eek this is a tough one! Possibly not giving up, I feel like when I want something or when I’m super SPARKLEpassionate about something I won’t stop until I get there, and probably won’t stop even then.

    If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

    If you asked 4-year-old Emily she wanted to be a vet until she realised it wasn’t just cuddling fluffy animals all day. But in all seriousness, I don’t think I could not be doing at least something very similar to what I’m doing now. I have always wanted to just draw, create and make stuff, I’ve always been a little entrepreneur at heart and I think all of those things combined have created what I do today.

    Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?

    the-happy-newsI actually have no idea?! I’d love somebody like Renne Zellweger, but I think she’d be too old by the time the movie’s out (it is happening, isn’t it? Haha)… Maybe Amanda Seyfried?! She’d be a good fit I think, My mum always thought she was similar to me in Mamma Mia so that’s literally all I’m going off.

    What’s your favourite way to relax?

    Either a little walk to my secret happy place, a little waterfall near my home or the classic bubble bath always helps me relax… followed by a homemade cookie and cup of tea if I’m really pushing JN801Athe boat out.

    What’s your idea of food heaven and food hell?

    Heaven: doughnuts, cake, biscuits… basically anything sweet and sugary. Hell: (I don’t have much food hell) I tried caviar once, it was hideous… never again, thankfully

    And finally what advice would you give someone thinking of getting into the card industry?

    70028-doughnutsResearch, talk to people in the industry, go to events and tradeshows, email people and ask questions… Never think what you’re wondering is a silly question, because we’ve probably all thought it before and there really are a whole heap of people who are willing to help and give you advice. You might send 20 emails and get only one reply/spark of interest, but that one person could change everything. I’d suggest starting off my showing people some of your designs, make/sell some yourself on Etsy and at craft fairs etc and slowly build interest from there. If you’re passionate enough about anything and want it enough, you can make it happen!

    Thank you Emily for answering our Q&A! It's been great finding out more about you! If you would like to see more of Emily's work then pop into one of our London stores, Balham, Chiswick, East Dulwich, Greenwich and Kingston or have a look online. Emily's cards will definitely bring a smile to you face and warm your heart.

    Until next time,

    Mrs PM


  • Congratulations on your exam results! Yippee!

    Posted by postmark on 08/08/18

    alevelsIt's that time of year again and we have two very important dates coming up.....on the 16th of August we will be able to congratulate our young adults on their A Level results and our school leavers on the 23rd of August on their G.C.S.E results. Exam Results!  So here we go.... Fingers Crossed!

    Our young students have worked tirelessly preparing and sitting their exams so I bet they are super excited or massively nervous to find out what's in that little brown envelope.  As they rip open that envelope to find out their fate, there will either be screams of joy or tears of sadness.  prod_37122They will either want to jump for joy or drown their sorrows!  So please remember to be kind to our young adults at this life changing time. Whether they have passed with flying colors or not quite secured their desired university place we need to congratulate them for all their hard work!  No matter what their results are be ready to offer them a hug, a high five or a sympathetic ear.

    gcse If your young adult needs some advice regarding their exam results they can call the Exam Results Helpline on 0808 100 900, their lines will be open from the 16th of August to the 30th of August.  The advice offered is free of charge from a team of career advice experts.  The advice given will be specialised information, offering help and guidance to students who have higher or lower exam results than expected and want to know what to do next.  Students can expect to be given advice on: skills, qualifications, subject choices, re-sits, re-marks, sixth form, college, university, higher education, further education, gap years and moving away from home.  The bulk of callers will be from worried students, however parents can also call to review the options for their young adults.

    So as result day(s) draw closer have a browse online at our fantastic congratulations cards or pop into one of our London stores, Balham, Chiswick, East Dulwich, Greenwich or Kingston and pick up a card or two.

    Until next time, Mrs PM

    you did it

  • Thank You Teacher

    Posted by postmark on 03/07/18

    sunCan you believe another school year is nearly over!!  The sun is shining and it feels like we may be lucky enough to have a sunny summer this year (fingers crossed)!

    big thank youSo let’s start off by saying a really big THANK YOU to all the teachers and teaching assistants out there who have survived another year with our children.

    We have a wonderful selection of thank you cards for you to choose from, online and in store at one of our London branches – Balham, Chiswick, East Dulwich, Greenwich and our newest kid on the block Kingston.

    JESChoose from one of our hundreds of brands, from the fun filled confetti cards of James Ellis Stevens, or one of Caroline Gardner's striking embossed designs, or a beautiful modern design by the super talented Claire Giles, or a funny card from Pigment Productions. GN1017B (1)

    Why don't we have a little history lesson?  Let’s take a look back and see when it all started.  Around 1200 BC in Egypt boys from well off families were taught reading, writing and arithmetic.  Moving across the seas to Britain and the Roman invasion around 100AD, young boys and girls were taught reading and writing.  Free education in the UK was mandatory from 1179 and mandated by the church.  Fast forward to 1870, boys and girls are being given an education provided by the state.  By 1918 the Fisher Education Act, raises the school leaving age from 12-14!  Can you imagine our children leaving school at 14?  However by 1972, the leaving school age has risen to 16, phew.  In 1986 G.C.S.Es are introduced to replace O-Levels and C.S.Es.   Education as we know it today has come a long way and offers a multitude of opportunities for our little people.


    As well as thanking our super teachers and teaching assistants this summer, sometimes we may also have to say, ‘sorry you’re leaving’ as ourteachers decide to leave one school for another, or we may have to say Happy Retirement as that wonderful age confirms the end of an era.

    To all the teachers out there, THANK YOU!

    Until next time, Mrs P

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