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  • Summer time – anything but uniform

    Posted by junowebdesign on 31/08/13

    I had to work last weekend; a pleasure that I don’t relish in the lead-up, but find myself enjoying when it’s here. It’s more the thought of Saturday and Sunday being days for doing other things, and after the month I’ve had – so many family celebrations – weekend working came as a bit of a shock.

    1st day schoolStill it was nice to spend time with the other staff members in our stores, and chatting with customers is one of my favourite things (I feel myself breaking into a song, brown paper packages tied up with string, and all that!). Through the two days there was something I did notice, telling me that summer is drawing to a close. It’s back to school time again. The odd parent or three pulling along their disinterested little ones in the hunt for new school clothes will no doubt turn into a stampede over the coming fortnight or so.

    This brings me to the ‘100 day guarantee’ being touted in advertising campaigns by a major retailer. A question – is that 100 school days, or 100 calendar days? Thinking about it, though, whichever it is still leaves a parent short of a full school year of clothes for a child. 100 school days will only take a son or daughter through to around Easter, meaning two months of uniform to sort out. 

    big schoolIt wouldn’t be so bad if that next uniform would last through to, say, Christmas. But have you noticed how children do all their growing during the summer? Then of course, they move up to 'big school'. A perfect time to leave a card in their new school bag, or perhaps secreted in their lunchbox, between the peanut butter and cheese sandwiches (don't knock it til you've tried it).

    And I bet the 100 day guarantee has all sorts of secret clauses. Things like ‘no playing football in the school playground’, ‘No chemistry experiments’, or ‘painting during art classes’. What about the ‘ink to be avoided at all costs’? Oh, and none of this growing-up malarkey and wearing through the knees.

    Fortunately, here at Postmark we have no such guarantees on our cards.

    A card, you see, isn’t for 100 days: it’s for to tweet

    We don’t care if you play football, or are a painter and decorator. You can go out running, swim in the local lido on New Year’s Day, or even spend your weekend with your head under a car bonnet.

    schools not badWhatever you decide to do, however you spend your spare time, the cards you’ve kept from yesteryear will still be there for you to bring out anytime you want. You’ll be able to look at them, admire them, remember good times and good friends. You’ll even be able to remember that great first day back at school with our ‘Schools not bad’ card from Cath Tate.

    Now, back to the job in hand: I’m not working next weekend, and our little one isn’t quite old enough for the school uniform madness just yet, so a different sort of stampede for me. Last barbecue of the summer, anyone?

    best wishes

    Mr Postmark

  • Family Birthdays – How Not to Fret over Card Choice

    Posted by junowebdesign on 24/08/13

    Greetings Cards AugustAugust is a month when everyone seems to be in the swing of summer. Sitting in the office is like having a sauna every day; public transport is clogged with tourists; barbecue Sunday is usually rained off; Wimbledon has been and gone, and the football season has started halfway through the Ashes series. Ah, the thud of leather against willow on the village green (if that's your thing). Then there are the children, complaining that they’re ‘bored’.

    As for me, I love August to bits. It’s not all about steamed up offices, sausages in buns, sporting events, and kids finding nothing to do. For me, August is a big family month.

    I wanted to tell you all about my family right at the beginning of the summer, but then I’d have let the cat out the bag. You see, August is when just about everyone who is anyone in my family celebrates their birthday; and that means extra focus on another love of mine: choosing the right card.

    From the youngest to the oldest

    Lookin SharpThe Postmark family birthday season kicks off with my Uncle on the 3rd August. Now my Uncle… is a real dapper dresser. He always looks sharp, whatever he’s wearing. Like most men I have a problem when it comes to clothing coordination, but not my Uncle. He just knows what works. So, suiting his dress sense, I chose the 'Lookin’ Sharp Card’ by The Art File. There is nothing cheesy about its Trinkets and Trumpets range of cards for men, which is why so many of our customers, fed up with the run-of-the-mill football boots and golf club cards, like them.

    Anti Aging Wine CardThe day after my Uncle’s birthday comes the family celebration of my Granny’s birthday. She was 97 this year, still lives on her own and drinks like a fish! (We all think that might be her secret to long life – she’s pickled.) Her legs and eyes might be going now, but you won’t ever hear her complaining. Her positive attitude is an example to all. Yep, she’s certainly young at heart, even if her body has started telling her she isn’t: which is why I thought the 'Anti-Aging Wine' card from Pigment Productions’ Pinot Grigio range was perfect.

    Jigsaw Digger CardNext on the list comes my son, who turned three this year. So, he’s not really into cards. What better, then, than the ‘Digger Jigsaw’ card?  The Jigsaw range by Rachel Ellen really is great value: keeps the children happy putting it all together. In fact, he spent so much time pulling it apart and playing with it over and over, that it made us wonder why we bought him any other gifts. My Mum reminded me I was the same with cardboard boxes when I was that age.

    Baby Stork GirlAt the end of a busy first week, next year at least, is my new niece, a very welcome addition to our family on August 6th. I’ve already pencilled in her first birthday card, but of course, this year it was a congratulatory card from the ‘Pencil Shavings’ range by Ruth Jackson.

    Not forgetting my Mum

    Dogs tell JokesRounding off the month is my dear old mum – though don’t tell her I used the ‘O’ word! In truth, I think she’s younger than any of us and has a wicked sense of humour - she loves a good laugh. We’re a big ‘doggy’ family, so what better, I thought, than a ‘Jokes Dogs Tell’ card by Frankie Whistle, a new range which is one of our favourites, and already a big hit with our customers.

    So, the big tip when choosing birthday cards is this: match card to personality, and have a little fun in the process. click to tweet

    Why not tell me what card you’ve chosen for your loved ones, and why?

    All best wishes

    Mr Postmark

  • Behind Every Good Man there’s a Postmark Card

    Posted by junowebdesign on 17/08/13

    RETAS_tophy (2)Since we started our Postmark adventure in 2004, we’ve worked hard on being the best in our business. In fact, we achieved ‘best independent card retailer’ status in 2008, and since then have won or been shortlisted for a whole bunch of retailing awards, including as finalist for 2013’s ‘best retail initiative’ for our ‘Post this year’s card at last year’s price’ promotion.

    Soon after we opened our second branch in East Dulwich, we scooped the ‘best independent retailer’ award for a second time, the first shop to do so.

    card store, card shop, greetings cardsAll this success could never have been achieved without the help of our great staff, and the support of our customers. Walk into one of our stores and you’ll immediately realise that we are one big family; customers and staff together. You’ll always be greeted with a friendly smile, a little of our latest news, and go away feeling a little warmer inside, even on the foulest of winter days.

    We’ve got cards for every occasion, and our on line store is no different. click to tweet

    There is everything you could wish for in our shops. How about a card to say a little ‘thank you’ to the one you love, perhaps? 

    When we looked at expanding our retail experience to the web, there was a lot of legwork to be done. Sleepless nights, trying to get on top of the whole concept, and deciding how we could get the family feeling out to the wider world, were finally put to bed and now we’re here. In a sort of ‘welcome to the new world’ way, my husband gave me a big thank you… by email! (He called it ‘pinging me some gratitude’.)

    There’s us, with all sorts of fantastically designed cards on our virtual shelves, and I get a cyber-sent short note.

    thank you Carline GardnerA card from one of our British card designers, Caroline Gardner, would have been so treasured. After training in art at Chelsea, she turned to card making after she had received a commission from a Tokyo based gallery. They met with such acclaim that Caroline soon founded her card publishing company, which now stands as one of the most respected in the UK.

    Our range of Caroline Gardner cards is absolutely stunning. They are quirky, cute, and contemporary. One of these cards would have been ideal as a keepsake, a constant reminder of the high esteem in which I’m held. Still, I do have my email pinned to the fridge door.Carolyn Gardner Appreciate

    There is always the 22nd of September to look forward to. That’s a day Mark never forgets: a cup of tea in bed, accompanied by a beautiful card with a few well-scripted words. No, it’s not my birthday, nor our anniversary. But I love ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ just the same (though shouldn't every day be wife appreciation day?).

    Best wishes to all,

    Mrs Postmark

    ps. All through August, we're giving all our customers 15% off - just click on the Gift Card below, and don't forget to use the code ILOVE15%OFF when you go to pay x

    V3 15 DISCOUNT

  • Laughter: The Best Medicine in the World

    Posted by junowebdesign on 10/08/13

    BravoHave you ever noticed how making people laugh gives you such a great feeling? click to tweet

    Of course, it’s often said that laughter is the best medicine in the world; and I’ve always thought that the old wives’ tale should be ‘a joke a day keeps the doctor away’, though I suspect that orchard owners would have an argument against that one.  If only we could remember those jokes we’ve been told that bring us so much pleasure, the ones that send streams of tears down our face and make our stomachs ache.

    Well how about celebrating ‘Tell a Joke Day’ on August 16th by sending someone a card from our humour section? Take one into work, and pin it to the notice board, or place one on the Doctor’s reception desk. That brings me round to laughter for medicinal purposes, once more,

    We've got a great selection of cards to cheer anyone up, even those in hospital

    pirate radioSpilled Milk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        A ‘Pirate Radio’ card, from our collection, is great when the NHS television system gobbles £20 without as much as a ‘by-your-leave’. (You could accompany it with a small gift of a mini transistor radio, perhaps). And if your loved one has been put on a high calcium diet, why not the ‘Spoiled Milk Card’?

    Immature Chedder I remember once visiting a friend who had been told he wasn't eating enough. He felt like asking if the matron had tried the hospital’s extensive menu of shoe-leather beef with diesel gravy followed by cardboard flan and 12 hour simmered custard. The following day I reappeared in the ward, this time with an ‘immature chedder’ card  – he pinned it on the wall, reminding nurses that there was to be a mid-afternoon snack provided each day. In truth, the cheese offered was rather more than extra mature.

    But it's not just those in hospital that can do with cheering up. Every now and again my wife brings out the ‘Mood Swing’ card and places in front of me. I really don't have a clue what she's intimating! But I can't help but break into a smile.

    And the  ‘Winnie the what?’ card... well, let's not go there.

    Yes, whatever the problem, big or small, there's a card to make it just that little easier to handle.

    But isn’t prevention better than a cure?

    Why not make someone you know feel a little better about themselves and the world around them? ‘Tell a Joke Day’ on August 16th seems as good a time to start as any other. No matter what the message or mood, we've got just the card to help you do so.

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