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  • Food, Fun, and ‘Fings’ to do In Dulwich

    Posted by on 26/10/13

    driving test cardsWith two children now in the PM family, I’ve been starting to think about their future and what lies ahead for them. Of course, there will be school and education, perhaps university and a degree, driving lessons, girlfriends and boyfriends, heartache and happiness. Perhaps my son will be a famous footballer, and my daughter a famous actress. If she’s going to be the next Emma Thompson or Meryl Streep, I’d better start her early.

    Which brings me to things to do in Dulwich at the weekend, especially coming up to Christmas, when you’ll be wanting a little free time to ‘help’ Father Christmas make his shopping distractions without the distraction of the kids hanging on his shoulder. (There is still time to enter our Christmas card giveaway competition, by the way)

    bangers and mash in Dulwich Full English at DulwichCream Tea

    Right outside our Dulwich shop, on North Cross Road (just off Lordship Lane), there’s a great street market. You’ll find all manner of toys, games, clothes, shoes, and more on its vast number of stalls, as well as a refuelling stop at regular intervals. But you’ll need somewhere for the kids to enjoy themselves while you shop.

    break a legThe grandparents is always an option, but how about letting them air their creative side at The Pauline Quirk Academy of Performing Arts, which is held at Elmgreen School every Saturday morning? My two are a little young for the free taster sessions right now, but if your children are four years or older then I reckon they’d have a whole lot of fun learning their acting skills, and the academy offers free taster sessions, too. Make sure you watch your little ones' faces the first time you tell them to break a leg.

    And today and tomorrow, for a little pre-Halloween fun, why not take the children to get spooked at the Horniman Halloween Fair? A free entry event, there’s a range of activities for youngsters from 9 to 99, and the spooky trail might just have the younger children covering their eyes while Christmas shopping is conducted a little later in the afternoon.

    the great dulwich bake offAnd as I’m writing this blog, I’m waiting for the results of the Great Dulwich Bake Off Party, which was held last night at Haart Estate agents on Lordship Lane. It was an event held by the Magic Moments charity, to raise funds for seriously ill children: one of the causes closest to my heart. I so wanted to go along and be a ‘taster’: all you could try for only a fiver! So if you hear who won, then let me know, because I was unable to turn up on the night my stomach is still growling its displeasure).

    I’ve got to go now, but here’s to a happy Halloween,

    Best wishes

    Mr PM

  • Still in a Dreamworld

    Posted by junowebdesign on 19/10/13

    remember christmasI was hoping things would calm down a little after last week, but I now realise the number of hopes I harboured consisted of two – and one of those goes by the name of Bob. Talking of Bob Hope (and not the Emmerdale Bob), we are well on the Road to Christmas – only 67 days to go. Okay, I know there wasn’t a ‘Road to Christmas’ movie, but Hope’s comrade-in-arms, Bing Crosby, did sing ‘White Christmas’ and I’ve been humming that while sorting through our Christmas stock: you might remember me telling you about it a few weeks ago.

    A Job for the Modern Man

    While Mrs PM has been tending to our newest edition, I’ve been busying myself around the house like any modern man would. The latest important thing I’ve had to do is to adjust the temperature on the central heating thermostat. It’s certainly getting colder.

    sunshine beachI do hope we have a white Christmas this year, not just because of the kids, but because my friend in Spain really is getting up my nose. He keeps telling me how lovely and warm it is, blue skies, sunshine, and still in shorts, and how he spent last Sunday on the beach. He tried to phone me to let me know, but couldn’t get a reception (a chance to send him an appropriate card with an appropriate message).

    Praying for Snow

    london snowI’ll be delighted if I can send him a photo of a blanket of the white stuff on Christmas Day, because I know it’s one of the things he misses about England. Whatever, he’s going to get one of our snowy cards: a scene of the London Eye, I think.

    While we’re wrapping up against the cold, things are starting to heat up in the race for Wandsworth’s Business Award’s Best Independent Retailer, for which our Balham branch is in the running. We’re just a few weeks away from the announcement now, but win, lose, or draw, we’ll be opening a bottle of champagne for the staff to congratulate them on their efforts this year.

    Time to rush away

    Right now I’ve got to be off. More work to do. A wife to cook breakfast for and take to in bed, a son to play ball with, and a new daughter to hold as close as possible. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Except when I wake up Christmas Day and see Rudolph’s hoof prints in the snow, and my son finds a half-eaten mince pie in the hearth. I wonder if he’ll be listening ‘to hear sleigh bells in the snow’?

    I’m dreaming of a ‘White Christmas’…

    Oops! Nearly forgot. If you want to win a whole pile of our great Pulp 3D Honeycomb Christmas cards. I'll be making a prediction of our best selling card this year on which the winner will be based.: if I get it right, that will be three years running I'll have guessed correctly. If I'm wrong, Mrs PM says I'm sacked. The competition closes on November 5th.

    Until next week,

    best wishes

    Mr PM

  • Love can be Painful... But for the Right Reasons

    Posted by junowebdesign on 12/10/13

    Baby Stork GirlI wanted to tell you as soon as it happened, but I’ve only just come down from that initial adrenaline rush. And what a rush it was. My hands have been shaking, my head spinning like a gyroscope, and my knees trembling. Who would have thought such a small package could have such a long lasting effect on me? But the story of how that package arrived is the one I want to tell you right now, as it happened.

    On Tuesday 1st October, at 4 in the morning – I remember the red blur of the numbers on the radio alarm next to my bed – Mrs PM nudges me in the side.

    “I think something may be happening,” she says.

    “Really, do we need to get up?” I ask excitedly (though, according to Mrs PM what I actually said was, “Ugh, argh, ug, gurgle, gurgle.”).

    I fall back to sleep when Mrs PM tells me it is “fine, no problems, you lay there and don’t worry about a thing.” She sounds happy enough to me.

    8:30am: Complete panic sets in. A big rush: contractions are in full swing. Tearing around the house, and clearly now the only one able to make a logical decision, I gather everything we need, before running out the front door and placing Mrs PM on the rear seat of our car.

    9:00am: I pull out of our drive. Mrs PM is laying on her side, then her back, then her side again as contractions close in to around a minute or two apart. But it’s okay: she knows I’m here with her, and I’m in complete control. I wonder if I left the gas on, and then push my foot on the gas pedal.

    9:20am: We arrive at the hospital. After a pretty hairy - but exciting – rush hour drive (Steve McQueen couldn’t have done better through the rush hour traffic,) we finally arrive at the hospital, where we find a queue for the car park. Mrs PM screams. “Now, dear,” I say, “losing your temper won’t make them move any quicker.” I won’t repeat her full answer, but it did end with “Let me out, now!” I feel like reminding her I have a father, but decide to open the door for her instead (up here for thinking, down there for dancing).

    9:25am: Mrs PM is now kneeling on the pavement, talking some sort of gibberish, interspersed with the odd black and white movie scream. Blood curdling stuff. I decide to forget the car park, and seek a space in a neighbouring street where I beg the ticket attendant not to tow us. No change in my pocket. I’ll pay for that later, I think, when I want a coffee and the machine only takes coins. Still, I’ve got everything else I need.

    09:40am: Back at the hospital, I find a group of people has gathered around Mrs PM. What’s she like, eh? She can make friends anywhere. “Are you okay, darling?” I ask. She looks alright, and she’s got her new friends with her, so I dash back to the car to collect the pregnancy notes. Three things for me to do – bring the bag, get to the hospital, and DON’T FORGET THE NOTES. I feel like a right klutz.

    09:50am I return to find my wife with even more new friends around her. Anyone would think she’s having a baby. “Will you hurry up, I’m having a baby,” she screams at me, as a porter returns with a wheel chair.

    10:00am The journey to the labour room is a long one. Mrs PM is clearly in pain. “You did this to me,” she complains. “But it was in the name of love,” I say. Her face screws up and turns a bright shade of red. I try to lighten the mood a little. “Hey, no pain, no gain,” I explain. My attempt at humour is met with a deathly silence, through the screams and gritted teeth of determination.

    10:27am: Aoife is born, 7lbs 8oz. I was right: the pain ends with a gain beyond our wildest dreams. She’s perfect; beautiful, just like her Mum. I kiss Mrs PM, who smiles and utters her first words since the birth. “I am never doing that again!”

    For the rest of the day, whenever we tell the story to anyone the reply is always the same. “Oh, you’re the ones who almost had your baby in the car park!” The stuff of urban legends.

    Later in the day, I return to the car. Still there, thankfully, but with a congratulations card on the windscreen. How nice, I think to myself. On closer inspection, I realise it’s a parking ticket. Not such good news, but nothing can dent my mood today. I drive home to tell our three year old son he has a sister.

    The following afternoon I collect my wife and our daughter from the hospital to go home. The hospital staff has been absolutely amazing.

    You Rock Mr PM“Although you’ll never be seeing us again in this ward,” I say, “you are all amazing and I can’t thank you enough for your work in bringing both my children into this world.”

    One thing I have to tell you all, though, is that Mrs PM was truly amazing. She’s an even bigger legend in my world today than she was last week, which is saying something!

    Mrs PM, you are my rock, and you sure do rock.

  • October: Scary, but Engaging

    Posted by junowebdesign on 05/10/13


    Witches Night already?

    Not until this morning, when I was confronted by something that looked like the Creature from the Black Lagoon in my bathroom mirror, did I began to pay attention to the closeness of Halloween. It wasn’t only my hair that was having a bad day – a bolt through the neck would have completed the monstrous look perfectly.

    As I showered I began to ponder the trials and tribulations that have befallen Tesco, Asda, and Amazon in their efforts to make the festival as scary as possible, and I’m quite relieved that here at Postmark we don’t do the night of witches and werewolves. When did it get so big? I remember when Halloween was the evening that zombies, vampires, and monsters would come and steal you away if you weren’t in bed by seven in the evening. Or was that just in my house?

    Still, there’s plenty of other stuff to celebrate this month. For a start, October is Pizza Month, and October 11th is Egg Day. Why not combine both and have a full English pizza for breakfast, and mark the occasion with our Egghead card?

    Chocolate Cupcake anyone?

    cupcakeAnd if you have someone with a birthday on October 18th, then remind them its Chocolate Cupcake Day also. Our Cupcake moustache card from the Fuzz Face range is ideal to kill two birds with one stone.

    An Engaging Time

    engagementTalking about stones and birthdays, a friend of mine in Spain had some excellent news on the first day of October. Not only was it his daughter’s birthday - birth stone Opal – but her boyfriend became her fiancé. To ‘Postmark’ the occasion (do you like the way I just did that?), he decided on our Engagement badges card from Scaredy Cat.

    Now all my friend needs to do is to start saving toward the big day. He can't help laughing, though. His son-in-law to be thinks he's going to be able to combine birthday and engagement celebrations. Some hope! Perhaps a father does always know his daughter best.


  • Supplier feature - Think Of Me Designs

    Posted by Mark on 03/10/13

    This months supplier feature, we bring you Dan and Freya from the wonderful Think Of Me Designs who have rightly so, recently been nominated for 2 Henries awards which for those of you who don't know, are the greeting card publishers 'Oscars'. I have been dealing with Dan and Freya since the very beginning and have watched their company evolve beautifully as time has gone by. Here they take time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions on what makes Think Of Me Designs tick.

    1) Where do you do most of your creative work?  - At our studio in Islington, London.

    2) When you design a card, do you plan it out or is the process spontaneous? - Sometimes we can see the finished design in our heads and it doesn’t take long to design. Other times it’s a case of playing around for hours with ideas and styles until we find the look we’re after.

    One of the Kiddiwinks range Age 5 robot from the Kiddiwinks range

    3) What is your favourite card or range and why?  - Kiddiwinks as it was designed with our children in mind.

    4) What training did you have before starting your company? - Freya has a background in Fine Art and Acting. Dan briefly trained as a lawyer in America before moving to New York and training as an actor. We met in 2000 on a film set in London.

    5) What was your motivation to go into business? -  Desperation combined with the need to do something creative whilst ‘resting’.

    6) What was the biggest hurdle you had to jump to set up your business? -  Sacrificing time with friends and family for the sake of making Think of Me a success. Our motto in those early years was ‘We’ll sleep when we’re dead’!

    7) Describe your business in less than 50 words – We try to produce unique contemporary, design-led greetings cards that we’d like to send ourselves. We are known for our clean, contemporary, colourful and fun style.

    8) If your employees were to be asked to cite your biggest weakness, what do you think the answer would be? And your greatest strength?Freya: My weakness would have to be that I have trouble meeting design deadlines. Dan: I have a tough time clocking off from the business.

    I think our strength would have to be that we work really well as a team and we love what we do.

    9) What’s your favourite way to relax? - It used to be spending Friday nights in the pub. Now it’s spending time with the kids at the park.

    10) Romantic or humorous: what card do you give your loved one on Valentine’s Day? - Romantic, but always one of our own!

    Moustache Gracias Dan and Freya! A brilliant card from their Sasparilla range Moustache Gracias Dan and Freya! A brilliant card from their Sasparilla range

    Dan and Freya, thank you so much, you have been brilliant! Check out a wide range of Think Of Me Designs cards in our shop now or take a look at their website: If you see anything you like we don't stock, just get in touch with us and we will try our best to help!

    We stock the following ranges: Polka Tots, Kiddiwinks, Sasparilla, Ace Of Fades and many more



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