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  • Greetings Cards for Man’s Best Friend

    Posted by on 21/06/14

    Mans best friend

    Did you miss 'Take Your Dog to Work Day"?

    In our greetings cards shop, as it was everywhere else in the UK, yesterday was ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’. Now this is a welcome change from those days when it’s almost compulsory to take your son or daughter to work. However, I have to admit I wasn’t one of those who had man's best friend by their side.

    The last time I had my dog with me in the greetings card shop, it was like he was the boss. I said, “sit”, and he stood. I said, “lay down”, and he wagged his tail, walked away and got petted by yet another young child looking to be playful.



    Dogs RuleWho is the Boss?

    If you ask me, Urban Graphics Dogs Rule card has it spot on. Dogs do rule. My dog drops a little present on the pathway and, like any good dog owner, I’m the one that bags it and carries it. Yep, my best friend knows exactly who is in charge.






    Fun with your dogAt Home, there is no contest

    When it comes to being in charge at home, Mrs PM knows the house just wouldn’t function without her. She says I can be indecisive, though I’m just not sure about that. She told me the other day she knows exactly how our dog feels when I take him for a run in the park.

    I suppose she has a point, though I’d never thought that having Fun with your Dog could be such a good example of toing and froing. Like Mrs PM told me, “You can never make up your mind. You throw the stick, it gets bought back. Then you throw it again. And it gets bought back. Don’t you see the irony?”

    Straight after, she asked if I wanted a tea or coffee. Suddenly that became a real tough question to answer!

    That's me done for this week. My name is being called - something about going for a walk while the weather's nice!

    Best Wishes

    Mr PM

  • Great Father’s Day Cards, Great Father’s Day Quotes, and the only Gift You Need for Father’s Day

    Posted by on 07/06/14

    Until I became a father myself, I never realised the responsibility my own father had to me. Sending a father’s day card lets you tell your father just what he means to you. Whatever he does, the thing that is always uppermost in a father’s mind is his children. I’m blessed with two – Dannan and Aoifa – and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them.

    Father’s Day is the one day of the year when children get to celebrate the fact that their Dads are there for them no matter what, through thick and thin.

    Just to remind us all what a father is, I’ve managed to dig up a few quotes. They seem to say it all, and would be ideal written in the cards I’ve picked out to go with them.

    Fathers Day Son who WantsFrom the Son who Wants to be Just like his Dad

    Homer said, “For rarely are sons similar to their fathers: most are worse, and a few are better than their fathers.”

    I know that I wanted to be just like my Dad. You see, a Dad is like an idol. As a child, you look up to him. He can’t do anything wrong, and he knows just about everything you’d ever need to know. But he does wear terrible clothes: no fashion sense!

    As a father you want your children to be so much more than you are.

    The Son who Wants card from the Happy Jackson range from Pigment Productions is perfect for a son to give to his father. In just a few words it says exactly how proud a son is of his father. Perfect.

    Fathers Day From MeFrom the son who’s worldly wise

    Alexander Pope wrote, “We think our fathers fools, so wise we grow. Our wiser sons, no doubt will think us so.”

    There are always times we know our fathers are completely barmy! Of course, we still look up to them… but they simply don’t understand the ways of the modern world, do they?

    If you’re at that age when you know your old man doesn’t know quite everything, then the From me card by Paperlink is the one you need to sign. It’s cheeky, funny, but still says ‘I love you’.


    Fathers Day My HeroFrom the child who realises their father is a true hero

    Margaret Truman wisely said that, “It's only when you grow up, and step back from him, or leave him for your own career and your own home – it's only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it. Pride reinforces love.”

    Once you’ve gone through that teenage stage and move away, then fall in love and start your own family, it’s only then that you suddenly realise just what a great man your father is. Then you realise that you really do want to grow up to be just like him. He is, and always will be, My Hero.

    Lastly, In promised to tell you the only gift you need to ever give your father. So here it is: your time. Go sit with him and talk to him for a few minutes. Tell him you love him, and let him know how much he really means to you.

    Best Wishes

    Mr PM

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