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  • Sports Cards to Tighten Your Sporting Nut

    Posted by on 27/06/15

    Most men are sporting nuts, driving women crazy. As if we don’t have enough to deal with as the school term is coming to an end. Stay-at-home mums have the joy of their little ones’ boredom to look forward to: each five-minute moan of “I’ve got nothing to do” extends the summer sojourn even further beyond infinity. Working mums have hot sticky working environments to irk them, with their male colleagues talking incessantly about sport. Yes, we are at the time of the year (again) when school holidays and sporting madness dominate our diaries.

    No sooner have we seen the back of Royal Ascot (Ladies Day excluded, no more than an excuse to lose a few of the wrong type of pounds), than we see the cricket season get into full swing (Mr PM assures me there is something called the Ashes which is most important), and the annual pilgrimage to Wimbledon. There will be athletics, swimming, golf (an excuse to ruin a good walk), and – just when you thought it was safe – I’ve discovered that football still exists!

    Cricket CardAshes to Ashes on a Greetings Card

    So, the rules of cricket have something to do with a team that is out being out in the field, and the team that is in waiting to be out to be in the field (men’s logic, I guess). And this year is going to be big because the Australians are here to fight for the Ashes, which is apparently the biggest trophy in world cricket (and about the size of a large thimble!).

    Anyhow, if your man is a cricket fanatic you should send him this greetings card. From The Almanac Gallery, in their Sporting Life range, this Cricket card is quirky and beautifully illustrated. You can write your own message inside, too. Perhaps something like “Let’s go for a drink. I’m sure we won’t miss anything over the next five days of this match.”


    Golf Greetings CardA Good Walk Ruined

    There are a bunch of golf tournaments through the summer: another game that takes days to complete. Grown men hit a ball as far as they can around a country park, trying to find a hole to lose it in. And then they find their ball and repeat the whole process. Eighteen times. No wonder someone called it a good walk ruined.

    But, it does give you the option of sending your man this fantastic Golf Greetings card. A luxurious affair, designed by an award winning artist, Jacky Al-Samarraie, it’s simple and stunning simultaneously. Again blank inside, perhaps the right space to request an afternoon tea (tee, get it?).



    football greetings cardAnd so to the sport for women – football!

    It’s now time to really wind up the men in our lives. England’s last effort in a major tournament ended in embarrassment. The Under 21s have recently been knocked out of their chance to shine. When it comes to England football, there is only one national England team ready to battle for glory: England Women!

    This evening we’ll find out if we progress to the semi-finals of the Women’s World Cup. It will be a tough challenge, but already these fine ladies have excelled by winning a knockout match against the much fancied Norwegians. Simply for the fun of the game, send this Football card to he who should be doing the housework, and remind him that when it comes to his favourite sport there is no competition.

    Best wishes, and here’s to surviving the next few weeks

    Mrs PM

  • Greetings Cards to Say Congratulations

    Posted by on 13/06/15

    Postmark received some fantastic news recently: we were selected as a finalist for the 2015 Retas Awards. Launched in 2005, these awards are known as the greetings cards industry Oscars. A whole afternoon of celebration will take place on July 8th to celebrate the great and the good in the greetings card retail environment, and undoubtedly a couple of corks will be popped during those celebrations.

    This year’s retailing Oscars will be awarded at the Dorchester Hotel, and I’m certainly looking forward to the ‘Fairytale theme’. I expect I’ll be taking my Prince Charming, Mr PM with me. Win, lose, or draw, simply making the finalists’ list is an honour we would never have expected when setting out on our venture in 2004. And for this we’ve got to thank all our staff for their hard work, and our customers for their patronage and loyalty through thick and thin.

    What have you (or your loved ones) got to celebrate? Whatever it is, Postmark has a greetings card to say congratulations.

    Exam CongratulationsCongratulations on passing your exams

    It’s getting toward that time of the year again. Although it may be a little premature to celebrate exam success, being confident is a key asset in any winner. This dots and sparkles card from The Clock Design, helps signify an end – or perhaps a new beginning – to the need to hit the books.

    Blank inside for your own message, this Exam Congratulations card is a real winner for your real winner.




    Driving Test CongratsWell done, now that you’re on the road!

    I can remember when I took my driving test. It was the biggest event of my life at that point. Way bigger than my school exams. “School tests simply show you can read books and pass a test,” I told my parents. “Passing my driving test… well, it’s like all of a sudden I reached adulthood.”

    I remember my Dad muttering something about having to keep off the road, which is why I love this Driving Test card so much. Not only does it say “well done” for passing the driving test, it reminds me of one of the happiest days of my life. Being married to Mr PM is a doddle compared to the Driving Test: I simply steer him to where I think we should go!



    Crack open the BubblyCrack open the bubbly, we’re a Reta finalist!

    Okay, I couldn’t resist saying it one more time – we’re a Reta finalist!

    This is a greetings card to say congratulations for any occasion. It’s bright, vibrant, and glossy: just like I plan to be on July 8th at the Dorchester. A wonderful afternoon out (and maybe an evening away, too… hint, hint, Mr PM), and a glass of the fizzy stuff.

    The Art File has done a fantastic job with the Crack open the Bubbly card in its Proud and Loud range. Whatever the reason for giving this card, it really is a stand-out. It’s perfect to be given on its own or, dare I say it, with a bottle of bubbly.

    Bye for now,

    A very proud and excited Mrs PM

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