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  • Picking the perfect Valentine's card

    Posted by on 10/02/16

    When it comes to picking the perfect Valentine's card there are a couple of factors to consider.

    The first, and probably the most important is, how well you know the person on the receiving end of your romantic gesture.

    If, like Mr Postmark and I, you seem to have been together so long your life before has a haze to it then you'll probably have a good idea of what their thoughts on Valentine's Day are and can be pretty confident in your choice (or so you'd hope!).  But if you're still in the first flush of love things may not be so simple.

    The first thing to do is work out whether your chosen one is after full blown romance and traditional declarations of love, something stylish and simple or maybe something a bit more tongue-in-cheek.

    You make my heart flutter - Valentine's card You make my heart flutter - Valentine's card
    Otterly in love with you Otterly in love with you

    If you think a more traditional approach is the way forward then this beautiful, hand finished card from Five Dollar Shake is a great choice. It practically shouts 'I love you' and the fact that it will twinkle away on the shelf or mantelpiece next to those magnificent blooms you bought is an added bonus. Or you could go for this lovely choice from Stop the Clock Designs, that's both very cute and  romantic with it's little otter.

    If you're after something a bit more simple and stylish then this  letterpress card from Hello Lucky is a great choice with it's Bisous design.  Or maybe this bold choice from Alice Scott, which has a more modern take on those love limericks of yesteryear with it's 'Hello, I love you, the end' design

    For a more tongue-in-cheek approach this bunny from Art File is a great choice or for something a little more edgy you could opted the cat with attitude from Gemma Correll as long as you're sure you've got the right audience!

    prod_41143Some bunny loves youBisousprod_41289

    For those looking to get straight down to the 'lurvee' there's this fun card from Brain Box Candy that won't leave your chosen one in any doubt of the effect they have on your woo-woo!  prod_41479

    There are a huge range of Valentine's cards to choose from these days so whether you're looking for romantic, traditional or plain funny there's a card out there for you - take a look at our selection for some inspiration today - Valentines Cards - Postmarkonline

    Mrs P

  • Valentine's Day - what's it all about?

    Posted by on 02/02/16

    Valentine's Day card Valentine's Day card - Caroline Gardner

    Hand on heart I have to admit that before I started working alongside Mr Postmark I'd always been a little sceptical about Valentine's Day, believing that it had been invented by some corporate executives.

    However once I started to look into I realised that there's a real history to Valentine's Day and that the tradition of sending cards goes back to 15th century.

    So where did it all begin? The most widely held belief is that the essence of Valentine's Day started with the martyrdom of a guy called Valentinius in ancient Rome who refused to denounce his Christian faith. While awaiting his executing, Valentinius, who would go on to become Saint Valentine, is believed to have left a letter for his jailer daughter - who he'd apparently cured of blindness - signed 'Your Valentine'

    Over the centuries Saint Valentine became more and more associated with courtly love and in around 1415 the Duke of Orleans, who was being held at the Tower of London following his capture at the Battle of Agincourt, wrote what's believed to be the earliest surviving Valentine when he sent his wife a Valentine's poem. What a sweetie!

    Love Lion - Hello Lucky

    By the time Shakespeare got around to writing Hamlet in 1600 the tradition of Valentine's Day was well enough established to be included in a speech by Opheila and in 1784 we see the first published version of that Valentines classic 'Roses are red, violets are blue' in Gammer Gurton's Garland, a book of nursery rhymes for children.

    It was around this time that the tradition of sending cards really took off as postal rates came down and the middle classes in the UK started to swell. By the mid-19th century over 60,000 Valentines cards were sent in the UK, with factories springing up to make the Valentines fancies, as they were called, by hand. This move to posting Valentines also meant that they could be sent anonymously and the tradition of racier limericks and poems began to appear.

    Cuter than a pug - Stop the Clock

    Being a very savvy business woman she immediately saw an opportunity to bring something new to her customers and using her contacts she started producing Valentine's Cards for the American market.

    The idea took off and the commercialisation of Valentine's Day begun. Today it's as popular as ever with an estimated 2.5 million cards are sent or given to someone in the UK each year - that's a lot of love!

    But it doesn't have to be all flowers and love hearts. Today there is a huge range of Valentine's Cards to suit every taste from naughty, to nice or just a little bit cheeky. Why not check out our selection today and tell that special someone how much you care.

    Valentine's Day at Postmarkonline

    Mrs Postmark


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