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  • Introducing.....Wendy Jones Blackett

    Posted by junowebdesign on 21/03/17

    At Postmark we're often asked who designs our lovely cards?  As we stock over a thousand products designed by lots of different people – we thought it would be an interesting idea to take a closer look at our suppliers and see how they started.

    This month we say 'Hello' to Wendy Jones-Blackett, the owner and designer of Wendy Jones-Blackett and their fantastic award winning cards!

    So lets see how it all started for Wendy.....

     Have you always worked in the card industry? WJB LOGO

    No, my first job was with a giftware company in Devon, painting and later designing gardening-based gifts for the likes of Laura Ashley and Pier 1.

    What was your motivation to go into business?

    I like being my own boss! In the beginning I really put long hours in, and reaped the rewards. My time at work is less now but more concentrated on production and design work.

    What was the biggest hurdle you had to jump to set up your business?

    It was a very gentle start and the company has grown steadily year-on-year. The biggest leap is going from working at home to getting premises and hiring staff - more pressure! Luckily that hasn’t stifled creativity.

    wjb 50Describe your business in less than 50 words

    Wendy Jones-Blackett Ltd is a British design-led greetings card company, established in 2001 and based in Yorkshire. Our cards are all designed by Wendy (me!) and are hand finished at our studios in Leeds. We are also very proud to have won three ‘Henries’ awards (the Oscars of the industry) over the last 8 years!

    When it comes to business what would you say is your biggest weakness and your greatest strength?

    My personal weakness is people - I love chatting and meeting new people when really I should be in a quiet room designing! So, easily distracted. My greatest strength is realising this and managing my time so that I get the essential design time and also the social aspects of the business.

    How do you find the artists you work with?

    I don’t work with any other artists, but I do like helping out with the Ladder Club Facebook page when I can, and I’ve done a bit of mentoring with newcomers.

    Do you design in-house? If so how does this process work?

    Yes it’s all done in-house. I draw my ideas in sketch books and then turn them into card designs on an iMac, which can be used to split them into print and finish layers for the printers. There’s usually a six week wait before we get the actual cards back, as metal dies have to be made for each design, and then they go in to the studio to be hand finished.

    If you weren’t involved in the card industry, what would you be?

    After spending 5 years at Art College in Architectural Metalwork and 3D metal design, I’d quite like to go back into that! I’d also like to try ceramics and glass.

    Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?Q849

    Reece Witherspoon has been mentioned as I’m a bit fluffy on the outside…

    What’s your favourite way to relax?

    Walking my dogs - Bramble the Golden Retriever and Whiskey the German Shepherd. They’re adorable!

    If you won 4 VIP tickets to any city in the world, which would it be and who would you take?

    Australia is on my ‘hit list’ - I’ve never been - so it’d have to be Sydney with my husband and two boys. We would catch up with old friends.

    What’s your idea of food heaven and food hell?

    I love French and Japanese food, and fine dining. There’s very little I don’t like unless it’s badly cooked (although I was recently served a cold, haddock-based version of Angel Delight as a starter…not to my taste!)

    And finally what advice would you give someone thinking of getting into the card industry?

    Do it! It’s great.

    Thank you Wendy, what a  great insight into the world of an award winning card designer!


    Until next time,

    Mrs PM

  • Postmark Greenwich in the news

    Posted by Mark on 14/03/17

    It's been a busy few weeks since we threw open the doors of Postmark Greenwich. The response from our new customers has been amazing and we're really loving our new area.

    We've also had some great feedback from the industry, including pieces  in both Greetings Today and Progressive Greetings which have made us both blush a little bit!

    Thanks to everyone for all their support,  we really appreciate it!

    Mrs PM

    Stamping Postmark on city

    Growth continues as Mark and Leona add fourth store to their independent empire

    THE GREEN shoots of growth are obvious when you visit Postmark’s latest shop – as the huge ornamental tree in the middle of the Greenwich store really grabs the attention.

    Owners Mark and Leona Janson-Smith have been celebrating the opening of the fourth shop in their growing South London independent greetings empire, with the new one just a few hundred yards from the historic Cutty Sark joining their Chiswick, Balham and Dulwich outlets, as well as the online store.
    And, in keeping with their policy, the new shop has an official red post box inside – but there’s the added attraction of a special franking label and Mark said: “It will adorn every piece of post sent from Postmark Greenwich.
    “As we’re set in historic Meantime Greenwich, it really will be like sending your post from the beginning of time!
    The celebration on Thursday, March 2, saw publishers including Manchester-based Paper Salad, The Art File from Nottingham, and London’s Paperlink and Caroline Gardner join the staff, agents, family, and friends, and came four weeks after the store opened its doors and as the Postmark Feel Good Friday initiative has really begun to take off.
    Started by Mark and Leona in the autumn, on the last Friday each month customers are allowed to pick a card from the selection, write it and post it in-store, all completely free – the only criteria is that it must be to say hello, not to mark a birthday.
    “This month has been fabulous,” added Mark, pictured top with Leona and his dad Patrick (more images are available on the Greetings Today Facebook page), “people think you’re after something but it really is just to let them say hello to friends or family, and create a Feel Good Friday.”
    Having thanked everyone for helping with moving the business forward since first opening in Balaham in 2004, Mark said: “We’re really pleased with the new shop – we didn’t know what to expect because it’s a bit of a tourist area so we thought we might be relying on weekends for trade, but it’s been phenomenal so far.
    “The new Postmark will have everything you'd expect – amazing card selection, wrap, ribbons and bags and our postal service – as well as an expanded selection of pens, pencils and Jellycat toys that will live on the very special centrepiece in the shop. The amazing Jellycat tree is delighting old and young.
    “But my favourite thing about the Greenwich shop is the chute – we think it used to be a pub so it’s the old barrel chute and when giftwrap deliveries come in they all go straight down into the storage area.
    “When my son comes over on a Saturday he asks if he can slide down the chute – of course I let him!”

    Postmark Greenwich as featured in this month's Progressive Greetings. Postmark Greenwich as featured in this month's Progressive Greetings.

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