What to write in kids birthday cards

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prod_37099At this time of year I seemed to be forever wrapping presents and writing cards for kids birthday parties.

Luckily my 8 year old writes his own cards now so I only have to worry about the little one but he still asks for inspiration on what to write inside, which got me thinking - what is a good thing to write inside a kids birthday card?

Writing for parents 

We find that kids are often more interested in what's on the front of the card, or if there is anything in it!, so my advice is to keep any messages inside short and sweet.  Kids also love age cards so choosing a card with the appropriate age on the front can often do all the talking for you.

1806-1512405734A lot of kids won't be able to read what you write so if you're writing something that's for their parents to read then stick to messages of encouragement like

  • Well done Mum & Dad - you're smashing it! Can't believe (child's name) is (age) today!
  • (childs name) can't believe you're (age) your Mum and Dad are doing a great job.
  • Happy Birthday (child's name) what an amazing kid you are - how did you get so lucky in the parent lottery




Writing for kids

If you're writing for the child then a good starting point is to think about what the child likes. If they have a passion for something whether it be sport or a particular TV or film character or imagination play you can definitely start here.

Obsessed with pirates/princesses/space?

Princess - Happy Birthday to the best girl in the land - may your birthday be filled with fun and laughter

prod_35089Pirates  - Ahoy there matey! Let's set sail for a birthday full of adventure and cake!

Space - Blast off, it's your birthday! Let's light up the sky with laughter and fun!

Ballet - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 let's get in position for a perfect birthday! Pirouette this way for cake!



116-PARTY-DOGSAnimal mad kids 


For animal mad kids there are lots of great cards so how about something like this inside?

  • Woof, woof - who let the birthday dog out!
  • Sending you kitten hugs and bunny cuddles - have an amazing birthday



prod_33326A little something to occupy their busy hands?

We do a great range of 3D and pop-out cards including some great jigsaw cards from Rachel Ellen that will keep little hands busy for a at least a few minutes




PA61470830571.jpgStandard things to write in kids cards

If you just want to keep it simple then here are a few ideas

  • Happy Birthday - you rock!
  • To the best (age) we know - look how big you're getting!
  • May you have a day filled with fun, laughter and lots of cake
  • Birthdays are all about you - you only get to turn (age) once so enjoy every minute!

Hope this helped? You can check out our kids age cards here and our kids cards here.

Until next time

Mrs PM

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