What to write in your Father's Day card

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Father's Day is coming up fast - Sunday June 16th - for anyone who might be wondering!

We all love our Dad's (well at least I do!) but sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to show them you care.

So for this Father's Day we've picked out a few of our favourite cards to go with some suggestions of what to write inside your Father's Day card.

Dad, You're Fab - Think of Me Designs - £2.65

This is a great go-to Father's Day card, new this year from Think of Me Designs. It's not too sentimenta, with a lovely colour tone it lets your Dad know you care without being too mushy.

Inside you could write something jokey like 'Happy Father's Day! You may be retro but you're still (almost!) cool to me. Love xx' or you could try something a bit more sentimental like 'Happy Father's Day to the coolest Dad. Thank you for all the amazing memories, laughter and ice creams - you are the best! Love xx'

Dad you're fab!











For the Record - Ohh Deer - £2.50

If you and your Dad share an interest in music then this card from Ohh Deer is just perfect.

Why not carry the music theme on inside with a message like 'Happy Father's Day!  Thank you for all the music and the memories. Love you"  or perhaps you could surprise him with some tickets to a gig inside this great music card with a message like 'Happy Father's Day to my favourite music legend. Let's go and hear some noise! Love xx'

For the Record











Vintage Dad - The Art File - £2.65

If your Dad enjoys a little tipple then this great card from The Art File could be just what you're looking for.

A great accompaniment if you're gifting him a bottle of wine on Father's Day, this one is ripe for some jokey remarks about his age! How about 'Happy Father's Day, a vintage bottle for a vintage Dad.  Getting better with every year that passes! Love..'

Or perhaps this might work better 'Happy Father's Day, thank you for everything you do for me. Let's raise a glass to the amazing job you've done! Love..."

Art File











Rawr-some Dad - Rachel Ellen - £3.00

When it comes to Dad's with younger children it is often Mum who has to either write or direct what's been written inside.  This card from Rachel Ellen is perfect for little hands to give to their Daddy on Father's Day. Fun and colourful it's a really cute.

Inside you could write along the lines of 'Happy Daddy's Day to my No.1 Daddy. Thank you for all my love, cuddles and giggles, you make me feel so safe and happy. I love you...'

RAchel Ellen











When I grow up... Ohh Deer - £2.50

All Dad's are funny, right? If you're Dad thinks he is funny this is a great card for Father's Day.

Inside you could keep the joke going with something along the lines of ...'...but I will probably need another 20 years of practice! Happy Father's Day to the funniest man I have ever shared a house with. Love you Dad!'

Or perhaps this might work 'Happy Father's Day, keep the jokes coming Dad I need new material! '











Step- Dad - Dandelion Stationery - £2.75

Dad's come in all shapes and sizes and this great card from Dandelion Stationery celebrates those amazing Step Dad's in our lives this Father's Day.

Inside you could try something along the lines of 'Happy Father's Day to the man who has showed me the true meaning of being a parent. I love you Dad.'

Or perhaps something along these lines might be more apt -  'Happy Father's Day, I can't believe how lucky I have been to have two amazing Dad's in my life. Thank you for everything.'

ss1911_Blue_result (1)











I hope this little selection and some tips on what to write inside a Father's Day cards makes things a bit easier for you this year.

And don't forget Father's Day is on Sunday June 16th.

Show those Dad's some love!

Mrs PM


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