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  • Make Your Valentine Laugh with a Funny Valentine’s Day Card

    Posted by on 24/01/15

    Love and laughter often go hand-in-hand, so what better way to make your loved one know how much you feel about them than by bringing a little laughter into their life on Valentine’s Day? Today, I’ve selected three great Valentine’s Day Cards which will do the job perfectly.

    Naughty and Naked on Valentine’s

    Valentines Lets Get NakedWhen it comes to making Valentine’s Day a thrilling affair, many couples of all ages decide to do something a little unconventional. This includes getting naked and, um, celebrating together. Last year the Daily Mail reported that couples in Latvia were bungee jumping semi-naked, presumably to see how their love for each other would bounce right back after a shock.

    But one couple in Portland, Oregon, USA, found themselves in court after getting naked in the back of a their car in a parking lot near a shopping mall. The couple had decided on some nude role-play, and were reported to the police by a passer-by. After a very public court case, the couple, who had been in a loving relationship for several years, were ordered to do 16 hours of community service each. With their clothes on.

    If you send this Let’s Get Naked Valentine’s Card to your loved one this year, best to act on it in private. Or Latvia. Just avoid Portland.

    Bag this Double Entendre

    Valentines Bagging AreaThe British sense of humour is renowned for being packed with the double entendre. The world’s (probably) most watched and most loved comedy film series, those deliciously close-to-the-mark Carry Ons, was founded on those witty remarks that could be taken two ways.

    With this in mind, I’m really pleased that we have the Unexpected Item Valentine’s Card on our bricks-and-mortar and virtual shelves again this year. Published by Urban Graphic, this card promises an extra little something in your loved one’s bagging area. Ooh, er, Madam!

    Go on, be a little cheeky this Valentine’s Day, and put that great British comedy back into the day…. And in the bagging area, how about a special DVD: ‘Carry on Loving’ perhaps?


    How to handle that Grumpy Man on Valentine’s Day

    Valentines Grumpy PersonOkay ladies, it’s common knowledge that us men are a grumpy old bunch. I could claim it’s the stress of a hard day’s work, but that doesn’t cut it at an excuse most of the time. It could be money worries; business problems; the car needs a repair; or any number of other issues that makes us the way we are. Whatever the reason, here are a few handy hints to let us know you love us and support us in our hour of need:

    Give your man a little space. Suggest he goes to the pub for a couple of well-deserved beers.

    Serve him as if he were the only man on earth. Make his wish your desire.

    Put his favourite movie on, and take him a beer and crisps to snack on while you watch it together.

    Take a course in car motor mechanics, and fix the car.

    If none of these suggestions grab you, then simple send him the Grumpy Person Valentine’s Card. This won’t address all the issues he faces in his life (believe me, there will be plenty…), but it will let him know you understand, and that you love him despite all his faults and grumpiness!

    Best Wishes

    Mr PM


  • Humorous Cards – Je Suis Charlie

    Posted by on 10/01/15

    With the terrible events in Paris this week, I nearly didn’t write a blog post. But, then again, isn’t this exactly what cowardly terrorists want? So I write this week in response to those tragic events, and in unity with the cartoonists and others who so tragically lost their lives at the offices of Charlie Hebdo. And in the defence of free speech, I declare “Je suis Charlie.”

    What a sad and boring world this would be if we could not laugh at ourselves. What better way to do so than through the power of the pen and the cartoonists who wield them? I’m not saying I am a lover of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, their style, or their message. But I am a fan of free speech.

    Here are three humorous cards that might be banned if the principle of free speech was ever taken away from us. I love them, and long may greetings card cartoonists, as well as cartoonists from other media, be allowed to declare “Je suis Charlie.”

    Holy Spirit Greetings CardGetting into the Holy Spirit

    Gemma Correll is a talented cartoonist, and Ohh Deer take these cartoons and turn them into something quirky, funny, and pleasing to give and receive. This greetings card is a great one, especially to give to someone this month: the month of Dryathon, of course.

    Write your own message inside, offering your support to efforts to raise money for a great cause (Cancer Research).




    Anyone for a fish supper? - Jesus and Cod Greetings CardAnyone for a fish supper?

    Remember those Ladybird books we all used to love? The best stories in the world condensed down to few pages and enhanced with some great colourful drawings?

    Kiss Me Kwik has bought these back to life, in a cool and satirical way. The Jesus and Cod greetings card makes light of one of the Bible’s most well-loved and famous stories. I wonder what Jesus would have said if a follower had wanted some fancy-dan fish dinner?

    A cheeky little card, this one, and fit for any occasion.



    Bit Harsh Greetings CardIs this a bit harsh?

    Will McPhail is one mightily talented artist. With this humorous card, Bit Harsh, the publisher, Paperlink, has done a wonderful job of concentrating race and religion into a cacophony of fun. I wonder if the devil would read the Bible, and if so, what would he really make of it?

    In support of cartoonists and freedom of speech everywhere,

    “Je suis Charlie”

    Mr PM   

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